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Cookie Policy

Framework under the terms of Law No. 41/2004 of August 18

This website only uses cookies that are necessary for its proper functioning. The collected information is not shared with other entities and does not have any personal information.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small file that is placed on the computer when visiting the website, it serves to identify the computer in question. These files do not contain any personal information and are used exclusively for security or operational reasons or for statistical and promotional purposes. However, if you choose not to enable cookies on the website, you may be unable to access some features of the website or receive personalized information.

Under the terms of Law No. 41/2004 of August 18, the storage of information and the possibility of accessing information stored on a user''''s terminal equipment (namely through cookies) are only carried out by GoFox if the user you have given your prior and express consent to the installation of cookies on your equipment.

In the event of blocking or non-authorization for the use of cookies, no cookie will be stored on your equipment, however, full functionality of our website is not guaranteed since the user may be prevented from taking the maximum benefit of the content made available. For security reasons, your authorization will be asked for each new access to our website.



What types of Cookies do we use?

A - Necessary

Necessary cookies are mandatory for the use of essential security features for proper operation. They do not require any use of personal information.

B - Functional

Functional cookies help perform certain features such as sharing content with other platforms using the integration of third-party tools.

C - Performance

Performance cookies allow you to monitor and analyze the performance of the site in different uses and help to optimize the user experience.

D - Advertising

Advertising cookies are used to understand the type of user and what profile to present relevant advertisements to improve their quality.

E - Analytics

Analytic cookies are used to understand how visitors interact and navigate the site. They help to obtain metrics such as number of visitors, bounce rate, among others.


We value your security

This platform uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which reinforces the communication between the server and the complainant in a safe and encrypted way, protecting the submitted information.